Free Webinar
Healthy Energetic Boundaries

Stop feeling like this

Start feeling like this

😵‍💫  Do you ever feel like you take on the energy or emotions of others? 
🏠  Are you affected by the "vibes" of your environment? 
🥱  Do things in your life seem to suck the energy out of you?
👥  Do you struggle with boundaries in your relationships?

Imagine standing strong & confident in your energy no matter what is happening around you.

You can!  And this webinar can help.  You'll both learn and practice tried & true techniques for creating and maintaining healthy energetic boundaries.

3 energy medicine practitioners join forces to share what has worked for them and others during their collective 50 years of experience in over 3o energy modalities.  We did the training and testing so you don't have to!

This webinar is a part of a monthly series of workshops that take place within the "Rooted in Three" community.  Each month we explore energy in a practical way so that we can start to make intentional and meaningful changes that bring more ease, joy & resilience into our everyday lives. 

If you enjoy this webinar, join the fun in "Rooted in Three"!  All are welcome.